Nearshore Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation is a critical feature in today's corporate landscape. Businesses enjoy cost-effective working strategies and access to better-quality, more accessible talent. It allows fast-growing businesses to adapt to lean and agile development growth strategies by delegating non-core projects to lower-cost specialists.

Our staff augmentation services at Truelogic offer clients the best quality and efficiency. We work with experienced senior software engineers to find the most efficient staffing options for you. Scale your development teams with a staffing augmentation company you can trust.


Nearshore Staff Augmentation Overview


Nearshore staff augmentation is the process of outsourcing IT talent, such as DevOps engineers, software developers, and product managers, from countries in the same geographic location as the parent company.

Hiring IT talent from outside your business allows you to fill temporary roles, complete specific tasks, and provide additional expertise and resources at a lower cost. The short-term hires are often paid by the hour and recruited through third-party staffing agencies or online talent platforms.

This gives businesses access to highly skilled IT professionals who may not be available within the existing team. Staffing augmentation services also allow businesses to scale their staff up or down as required without resorting to temporary hiring.


Staff Augmentation Models


Staff augmentation models refer to staffing or contracting essential personnel by the outsourcing company from the service provider. The lack of sufficient staff or skills in-house is the driver for such a model. Most businesses don't have the team with the skill set or expertise to guarantee successful project completion.

Staff augmentation models employers may consider to bolster their productivity and efficiency include:


Location-Based Staff Augmentation Models



Nearshore Staff Augmentation Model

Nearshore staff augmentation service allows businesses to outsource IT talent, such as machine learning engineers and software development teams, to their existing workforce. The outsourced workforce should come from within the same geographical region or neighboring country to provide added resources that supplement the parent company. 

Offshore Staff Augmentation Model

Offshore staff augmentation outsources temporary tech talent from a distant country or professional workers overseas. These augmented resources work remotely under the direct supervision of the parent company's management team. The outsourced tech talent strives to deliver the client company's goal-oriented objectives within the set timelines. 

Onshore Staff Augmentation Model

This staff augmentation model refers to outsourcing temporary staff from nearby regions or countries with similar cultural practices, time zones, and languages.


Engagement-Based Staff Augmentation Models



Project-Based Staff Augmentation

This augmentation model describes hiring a contractor to work on a specific project. It provides many benefits to businesses that require a specialized skill set for a short time. Project-based staff augmentation is more cost-effective than full-time employee augmentation because the parent company is only committed to paying the contractor upon completion of the project or set of tasks. 

Dedicated Team Augmentation

Here, businesses hire a dedicated team who work exclusively on their assigned tasks. The company manages the outsourced team and fully controls the project's direction and outcomes. 

Hybrid Model

This model utilizes the skills and expertise of on-demand employees, remote development teams, contractors, and managed services for clients to acquire the expertise they need to complete specific projects. Businesses use this complex strategy that requires specialized customization functions for their processes.


What Are the Features of These Staff Augmentation Models?


Choosing the right staff augmentation models and resources is imperative to a project's success when outsourcing talent. Critical areas to consider when selecting the right business augmentation model include:

  • Calculating costs: Businesses should assess the expenses required to train their in-house development teams to utilize augmented staff. Client companies check how specific staff augmentation levels fare against the costs of outsourcing projects or hiring teams. If management and communication processes aren't effective, staff augmentation may not provide the money-saving promise.

  • Data sensitivity: Clients should consider the sensitivity of the data they disclose. Signing a staff augmentation contract with a reputable service is always good practice.

  • Project duration: Businesses should consider the approximate timeline of their projects. Staff augmentation is ideal for business projects requiring less than six months to complete. Other models are available for businesses to choose if a project requires more completion time.

We advise our clients to demand a staff augmentation contract containing a nondisclosure agreement clause. The NDA should include the project's total duration and calculate the necessary expenses to select the best augmenting model for the project's preferences. 


Benefits of Nearshore Staff Augmentation


Staff augmentation is ideal for corporations looking to reduce their tax and personnel expenses, optimize internal processes, and get qualified specialists who work on their projects without making them full-time employees. When properly implemented, staff augmentation allows businesses to scale up quickly or reduce staff to optimize costs.


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Account for Staff Shortages

Staff optimization helps businesses compensate for staff shortages by accessing enough talented outsourced teams to cover particular projects. Working with a nearshore team allows companies to gain additional staff to complete projects. Staff augmentation lets outsourced teams fit into the business's processes without replacing current staff.

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Strong Communication and Collaboration

Our nearshore partners are essential for staff augmentation because each model requires superior collaboration skills and communication tools. Working with an offshore team exposes your business to language barrier risks and incompatible time zones.

In contrast, working with a nearshore team benefits the business from similar time zones, so work schedules are always closely aligned. Many nearshore partners, such as the Truelogic team, are fluent in English, inhibiting potential communication hiccups.

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Faster Project Delivery

Leveraging nearshore staff augmentation allows businesses to improve their time-to-market quickly and efficiently. This approach enables corporations to develop and release products more quickly, enhancing their competitive edge in a saturated market. The additional resources and expertise provide innovative ideas and fresh perspectives, improving product quality and customer satisfaction.


Cost Efficiency

As much as hiring full-time staff for specific projects is a viable option, staff augmentation brings more energy and money and saves time spent in the employee onboarding process. Moreover, you can release the hired staff upon project completion.

Staff augmentation allows companies to include additional tech experts on a short-term basis. This circumvents several costs that come with hiring internal staff. You can hire and release skilled staff on a per-project basis.



Staff augmentation is an ideal and affordable way to scale staff in the short term. Companies can recruit top talent suitable for their specific project needs while minimizing operational costs.

Staff augmentation is the fastest and most efficient process to accomplish more business goals and projects without hiring more staff or reducing work quality.


How to Choose a Company for Staff Augmentation


Businesses must have and implement the right talent and proper resources to achieve their goals to be truly successful. Here's where IT staff augmentation comes in handy. To select the right staff augmentation company, a business must:

1. Determine Needs

The business must clearly outline its outsourcing goals. It should be in the best position to create an effective team of talented workers with the energy, skills, and creativity needed to handle specific projects on time and within budget.

2. Sourcing Talent

The client must take time to select the right talent source to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. Not all technical staff firms offer what they promise on paper. Therefore, a business must select a technical staff firm that's sufficiently vetted. This provides peace of mind, knowing the outsourced workers are well-equipped to handle the task within the set timeline and budget.

3. Onboarding Talent

The business must clearly define the roles and responsibilities the outsourced team will play after onboarding. This ensures each team clearly understands its specified project and expected completion time and helps every project remain on track.

4. Provide Ongoing Support

It's not enough to hire temporary staff members and hope they learn their way around the projects and operating systems. We recommend providing ongoing support to the temporary team to ensure projects are completed as specified.


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We understand how cumbersome hiring new talent can be and work with our talented software engineers to help make the process as simple and smooth as possible. Truelogic is a diverse and collaborative technological firm with immense pride and passion for what we do.

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