Make your mark in the first league!

Truelogic is made of Multicultural, passionate, forward-thinking Senior Tech Talent that conforms to a premium group of 500 professionals that is driving digital disruption from Latin America to the top projects in Silicon Valley and New York. Join the elite of tech talent and take your career to new heights.

Accelerate Your Career with Truelogic 

We offer exclusive opportunities to work on challenging projects with top US companies in a 100% remote environment for maximum flexibility and work-life balance. 

We are dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of our employees through their work experiences. 


We are here to make you succeed! 

We strive to create a positive workplace culture that values and empowers our employees. 

We prioritize a dynamic and supportive experience, engaging in open and honest communication to understand and address employee needs. 

We provide flexible work options to balance professional and personal lives and are always looking for ways to improve and evolve, so our employees feel appreciated and valued. 


Get more from your capabilities 

  • Very competitive compensation in US Dollars:
    Our payment system is fast and reliable, so you can count on receiving your payment on the first days of the month. 

  • 100% Remote Work:
    You can work from anywhere while overlapping 6 to 8 working hours with US Time zones. 

  • Work with cutting-edge technology:
    Create innovative solutions to complex problems with the latest tech stack. 



Create a profile and apply for positions that match your skill set.
Our straightforward process ensures you'll be prepared to take on top projects quickly. 



Want to be Agile with high-profile clients

You want to use cutting edge technology to develop your projects

Are looking for a supportive work environment that values teamwork

Are eager to collaborate on challenging, multi-industry projects

Are in a constant learning process and love to share your findings with co-workers