Zenfolio: Driving Digital Transformation in Photography

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About the client


Zenfolio, an established e-commerce platform, provides photographers with an all-in-one solution to create galleries, professional portfolios, websites, and build their photography businesses. However, with their client base growing, the company needed to scale to meet the demands of their users and improve the current technologies to offer a more advanced solution. 

Pain Point: More Customers, Greater Needs 


Zenfolio identified the need to expand its services and develop new tools to meet the evolving demands of photographers. To achieve this they needed to extend their teams to tackle multiple projects at once.

The Solution: New and Improved Photography Tools 


Zenfolio partnered with Truelogic Software leveraging their expertise and development talent to support a few projects that Zenfolio wanted to get underway. 

  • Initially, Truelogic assigned a team of 4 highly skilled tech professionals to augment Zenfolio's e-commerce development efforts for the Flagship platform. This team focused on enhancing the platform, implementing new features, and ensuring a seamless user experience to maintain revenue streams.
  • PhotoBooker, a tool that would aid people in locating and hiring photographers for events, was also developed simultaneously. A dedicated team was led by an experienced Truelogic Project Manager while working collaboratively with another vendor's team. Truelogic’s team, consisting of 12 tech professionals, developed PhotoBooker from scratch, incorporating advanced search functionalities and streamlined hiring processes for photographers.
  • Two months later, Truelogic took the lead in developing Zenfolio 2.0, the technologically advanced successor to their Flagship platform. With a dedicated team of 10 and a skilled Project Manager, Zenfolio 2.0 was also built from scratch, implementing modern features and an intuitive user interface to empower photographers in showcasing their work and attracting clients.


The Result: Fast Development and Innovation Through Extended Teams 


Truelogic’s staff augmentation and dedicated teams successfully played a crucial role in Zenfolio's platform expansion and development of new tools like PhotoBooker, and Zenfolio 2.0, both of which were developed from the ground up.

Throughout these projects, Truelogic maintained a strong collaboration with Zenfolio's Product Managers and worked under their leadership. The dedicated teams included a wide range of profiles, ensuring comprehensive support and expertise across the development lifecycle.

  • Front-End Engineers
  • Tech Leads
  • Back-End Developers
  • UX Designers
  • Architects
  • QA Automation
  • QA Manual
  • DevOps

By aligning with Zenfolio's strategic vision and providing top-tier talent, Truelogic Software enabled Zenfolio to meet the evolving needs of photographers, improve their service offerings, and drive business growth at a speed that would not have been possible without the external extension of their in-house software development teams. 







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