About the client


Verizon is a global leader delivering innovative communications and technology solutions that improve the way their customers live, work and play. Headquartered in New York, its a Dow 30 company employing a workforce of more than 180,000 and delivers integrated business solutions to customers in more than 150 countries.

The situation


Verizon’s millions of broadband customers, whether using FiOS Internet or Verizon High Speed Internet, didn’t have access to online videos since 2006. Originally Verizon Surround, now Verizon Videos, allows Verizon’s consumers to view video centric data, sometimes unique and exclusive to users on the network. Verizon partnered with Truelogic to build an enhanced video platform that can host more than 100,000 On Demand videos and more than 20 streaming events at the same time.

Our solution


Due to an extremely complex framework, Truelogic’s team built the site from an original version created in early 2008. Using original technologies of Flash and then HTML5 video features, the site was developed to access the content created, entered and managed by Verizon’s video content team. A crucial feature of this app that we delivered is the ability to access and view videos of different events and have the ability to deliver that content to more than 2M subscribers with online access to the platform. Besides videos, the solution supports managing different types of content including but not limited to news, weather, and games.

Highlighted Features:

  • Live and On Demand events accessible to more than 100 million Verizon consumers.
  • Vote, comment and share videos onsite.
  • Live video chat across different channels and videos.
  • Exclusive access to premium users to specific pay-per-view videos online.
  • Up-to-the-minute news about videos and content.
  • Access to other core content such as games, weather, shows, etc.
  • Backend that helps to administrate the content across different regions and user profiles.