About the client


Nissan is made up of a richly diverse group of people, as reflected in the company’s leadership team and the numerous corporate outreach programs in which we participate in the community. Together, they have what it takes to build cars and trucks with the power to change both the way people view the world and the way they move in it.

The situation


Initially, the website was made of static HTML generated in a backend without flexibility on the type of information to show on each regional website. The goal of this project was to create a new backend tool to generate this websites with dynamic and updated content, as required.

Our solution


Due to changes required by the client, the old platform was not able to generate the websites showing the required information. We started then with a redesign process of the entire website (front end and back end) to show the content dynamically.

The chosen technologies for this were PHP5/MySQL utilizing the CodeIgniter MVC framework.

Now we are displaying targeted offers of vehicles on each one of the 210 DMA where the USA is divided. Utilizing a geolocalization technology, we deliver offers and car dealers information close to the user’s location.