About the client


JungleGames Inc. is a company dedicated to developing, incubating, marketing and publishing AAA games for Microsoft® mobile platforms. In addition to launching original and licensed Intellectual Property, JungleGames works with a global network of independent developers and studios, leveraging its marketing channels and partnerships to promote and distribute their games.

The situation


JungleGames’ goal was to launch a Windows phone game for the Microsoft new phone OS launch in November 2011. With only 2 months for development, design and app store submission, the goal was to deliver the game in time for launch as well as 100 other game titles worldwide.

Our solution


Truelogic’s mobile team and our partner Microsoft were able to build the game from scratch in an incredibly tight two month time frame. Using Microsoft XNA frameworks as the core technology with new original designs and sounds, the game was at the top of the list in puzzle games at launch. Flower Power was the first game launched for Windows’ phone platform built in Latin America.

The game tests agility, aptitude and speed. As the flowers grow upwards, the player must touch groups of the same color to free up space and keep the flowers from reaching the top. The more points earned, the more chances there are to navigate the bonus puzzles.