About the client is a unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment, based in Los Angeles & running since 2011. They introduce themselves as an Internet company that programs Hollywood movies, TV shows & also delivers original content for the world’s connected audience.

The situation


On Jan 2015, Crackle teamed up with Truelogic, with the initial idea of refactoring their existing CMS platform, to make it easier for the team to understand and use. Along the way, new features & functionalities were also implemented, which made the performance on every platform notoriously improve. On a second stage of the project, Crackle’s team decided it would be best to migrate the platform to a new technology, so Truelogic built and delivered an internal, custom made CMS administration tool, a Neo CMS to facilitate the work of their employees.

Our solution


Truelogic’s team, headed by our star PM Joe, addressed the different project areas dividing resources into 3 coexistent teams that worked along with Crackle’s in-house people. The first team was in charge of the revamp of the existing CMS and implementing the new functionalities. The second one was in charge of upgrading the existing API, to provide support for the new technologies and needed methods. And last but not least, a dedicated team created a new functionality called Notifications, that involved both the CMS and the public website, and allowed the user to subscribe to Crackle to receive customized content.

In the 12-month duration of this project, 9 resources were involved, between developers and QAs. Truelogic & Crackle gave the project a Staff Augmentation approach that let the client participate in a technical, functional & QA role. The agile methodology is the one Truelogic feels comfortable working with and this project was no exception.

On the pure technical side of the story, .Net was the technology picked for the development and the Project Management System & Tools present were TFS (Microsoft’s Team Foundation) + Visual Studio Online Tools.

Truelogic felt comfortable working with a huge corporation such as Sony, and grateful to be part of the growth of one of their most known products, Crackle. It was a very good experience, in which a lot of learning and effort were involved from both parties.